A home is one that’s not just brick and mortar. It’s where memories are made, where families bond and where everyone looks out for each other. A healthy home is where health is a priority. Not just in the food that is served or the cleanliness but in the environment as well. This is where Nerolac’s paint range comes in. It protects the walls from moisture and mold, stays clean and hygienic and keeps the home safe from irritants.

Interior Wall Paints

Impression Ultra hd

The next revolution in home paints, Impressions Ultra HD crafts your home in stunning colours with a radiant finish.

Impression Ultra Fresh

Nerolac Impressions Ultra Fresh decks/adorn your walls with an everlasting rich crème

Impression Eco Clean

A Premium Water Based luxury emulsion with ultra rich HD finish and ease of maintenance comes with Low VOC & almost no odour.

Impressions 24 Carat

A water based luxury emulsion that gives your walls an exquisite look with clear HD colours and a rich smooth finish.

Impressions Metallic

A Premium special effect designer series range that creates a variety of special effects and textures on walls.

Impressions Ideaz

A special effect designer series range that creates a variety of designs on interior walls in matte finish.

Pearls Emulsion

A rich soft sheen finish with excellent washability and stain resistance property.

Pearls Lustre

A water based special interior wall paint that captures the magic glow of pearls and the intrinsic resilience of the shell.

Exterior Wall Paints

Excel Top Guard

An acrylic, exterior painting system with excellent flexibility, waterproofing and crack-bridging ability that provides all-round protection.inter-coat adhesion and toughness.water based high performance emulsion.

Excel Mica Marble

An extremely durable UV resistant water based exterior emulsion with enhanced barrier protection, paint film re-inforcement, increased.

Excel Total

A Long lasting, water-based premium, high performance paint to give your walls a long lasting & all weather

Excel Anti-Peel

A premium water-based, high performance, long lasting paint, based on 100% acrylic resin to give your walls a tough & flexible film.

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